Senior Social – Competition Overview

The Senior Social Competition caters for adults of all ages and skill levels. The minimum age to qualify for senior domestic competition is 15 years of age.
Teams administer themselves and the team contact is the direct point of communication between the association (Basketball Geelong) and the team.

Team Entries close 28th Sept 2015

Team Entry Fee = $60 per team

New Team must pay $120 Bond

The options that you have are:

Social Men – Wednesday: Starts 7th October

Social Women – Thursday: Starts 8th October

Social Mixed  – Sunday: Starts 11th October

To enter a team simply complete the online Team Entry Form. REGISTER HERE


Alterations to the draw after closing date: $50 per indiscretion
Ineligible player played after notification: $50 per indiscretion
Social Leagues Walkover Un-notified: $90 per indiscretion
Social Leagues Walkover Notified (more than 24 hours notice via email): $50 per indiscretion
Key Contact Details

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