Life Members

Life Membership is the highest award recognising the outstanding contribution of individuals to Basketball Geelong. It is therefore only awarded in exceptional circumstances. Life Membership can only be awarded by nomination, and is assessed by a Life Member Sub-Committee being endorsed by the Basketball Geelong Commission. For more information on the nomination process and criteria for Life Membership, please see the Basketball Geelong Life Membership Policy.


Basketball Geelong recognises and thanks all of our Life Members for their years of service to basketball in the Geelong region.

Basketball Geelong and Geelong Supercats Life Members

F. Gannon* (1960)

C H. Long* (1966)

Jack Terrill* (1967)

F. Dietrich* (1967)

Don Rawson* (1968)

Stan Woolard* (1969)

Ron Dawson*^ (1970)

Bert Dandy (1971)

Brian Newton (1971)

Norm Jackson* (1972)

G. Smith* (1972)

Clarrie Kerger* (1974)

Lesley Dandy (1976)

Howard Dandy (1977)

Geoff Everett (1977)

Wyn Rawson (1985)

W. Evans* (1987)

Harvey Chandler (1990)

Dave McGowan* (1994)

Craig Herbert^ (1996)

Lynne Green (1996)

Brian Lever (1996)

Sandra Skilton (2002)

Gwen Chandler (2002)

Col Darrington* (2004)

Vlada Sormaz (2006)

Rex Stewart*

Bob Spurling

Ron Dawson*

Craig Herbert^

Daryl Riddle

Pat Murnane

Wes Smith

Terry Kealey

Adam Lamont

Jarrod Leonard

Trevor Price

Damian Armour (2007)

Allen McKee (2017)

Jacqui Neill (2017)

Keith Roderick (2017)

Nathan Herbert (2021)



^Denotes a Life Member who was was awarded Life Membership for both Basketball Geelong and Geelong Supercats prior to Life Membership for the two organisations being combined in 2017.