Geelong Supercats History Search

We are looking to our community to help us write the history of the Geelong Supercats. We intend to put together a working group of people to help us unearth some of the untold stories and triumphs of the Supercats over the years that may have gotten lost. Along with this we would like to hear from you on how we should display the history of our club, as well as looking for any memorabilia or photos that you make have that will help tell our story visually.

We have three areas in which we would like your help!

Area 1 – Working group

  • Discussion about ideas on how to honor Basketball played in the Geelong Area. Along with the possibility of taking on small aspects of Managing these projects.

Area 2 – Stories/information

  • If you have any stories written/film history of Basketball in Geelong that you wish to contribute.

Area 3 – Memorabilia

  • If you have any photos, uniforms, shoes, balls, newspaper clippings etc, that you would like to share/donate to Geelong United Basketball and the Supercats.

While this form relates to the Supercats we are also looking for information on all areas: CBBA, GB and GUB.

If you believe you can help us in our search complete the form below and we will be in contact with you.