Show Court Singage


SHOW COURT ENDS (Northern & Southern)

Show Court EndsA significant signage opportunity exists with these locations. The Northern & Southern End Naming Rights properties gain consistent exposure both visually and with the on court MC during all home games.

The stadium end zones are a key visual area due to the proximity of the backboards. The signage stays in location for up to 40 weeks of the year which offers the additional benefit of being in place during many of the alternative activities held on the show court, including weekly domestic competitions, school concerts and more.



  • Provision for an allocation of up to 20 home tickets per match (including finals) to distribute to your staff, social and community groups for seating in the (your brand name) Northern End (or Southern End) of the show court.
  • 4 x Mega Signs at your sponsored stadium end.                                                                                           



Show Court CoreflutesSignage at the Geelong Supercats home games exposes your brand to Supercats home crowds that regularly reach capacity. The Supercats have the highest home game attendance out of all 16 SEABL clubs and have been voted annually by the league clubs as having the best home venue in the league.


The consistency of our game night attendance and layout of our premier facility ensures value for money exposure to your organisation across each season.


Located along prime positions on the Western Gallery wall above the benches, and also with opportunities behind the baskets at the Northern & Southern ends, there are prime opportunities for signage association and offers excellent value for money.




Back BoardsThe centre of focus with every shot as all eyes turn to the backboards makes this location a highly valuable visual property.


  • Brand recognition on both backboards
  • Show Court wall signage (2m x 1m)