Staff changes at Basketball Geelong

Over the next 6 weeks the landscape of Basketball Geelong will change significantly with both Operations Manager Sarah Monck and CEO Dean Anglin departing. The CEO will finish with BG on the 23rd of November (next Friday) and Ms Monck on the eve of the Christmas break, December 21st. Therefore the Basketball Geelong Commission are pleased to announce the following staff changes that come into effect immediately to see the association and Supercats teams continue to go from strength to strength. 

Acting CEO – David Herbert. This role will commence immediately following Dean Anglin’s departure (26.11.2018) and is expected David will be in the position until mid to late January. 

New Permanent Role Business Manager – Vicki King has been appointed as Business Manager for Basketball Geelong and will take over a combination of Sarah and Dean’s tasks effective immediately. Invoicing, Rostering, Stock Management, External User Group Venue Bookings. This role remains Part Time for Vicki.

Acting Competitions & Development Programs Manager – Lukas Bentley has been appointed as Acting Competitions Manager effective immediately. Between Lukas and Dan they will also manage the development programs and camps.

Acting Competitions & Development Programs Assistant & Referees Manager –Dan Cooper will move into a Full Time role as Acting Competitions Assistant. Dan will also continue to manage the Referee Rosters during this transition time.

New temporary role – Commercial Partnership Manager –  Commissioner Beth Davis will become the Commercial Partnerships Manager on a 3 month agreement to begin with the possibility of this becoming a permanent role in 2019.

Transition Role – Upon return from her holidays, Sarah Monck will assist David Hebert, Vicki King and Lukas Bentley transition into new role and ensure the organisation is in good shape ahead of her departure.

We would like to congratulate all staff on their acceptance of change and their new roles. Through the collaborative work of the BG Commission, Staff and the GBL Clubs our association is in a very good position to move through these changes.