Dealing with contentious issues

From time to time, contentious issues arise that may cause concern. It is important that these issues are raised and dealt with at the earliest possible stage. Different issues will involve discussions with different people.

The following is a guide :

On selection issues, please email the relevant Director of Pathways and Development and or Age Group Lead Coach to discuss your concerns.  If required a meeting will be set up between parties to discuss concerns

On athlete or Coach related issues, arrange a time to meet with the Team Coach and Age Group Lead Coach in the first instance. This should be done by contacting the Team Manager of the relevant team to arrange a suitable time.

On team related issues, contact the Team Manager in the first instance. Allow the Team Manager to take on board your concerns. If uncomfortable or dissatisfied, then please contact the Director of Pathways and Development.

It is not appropriate to raise a contentious issue with a coach straight after a game. Sensible discussions rarely occur if a person is angry or upset. If you are uncomfortable talking to a coach, or dissatisfied with the outcome or response, please contact the Director of Pathways and Development.


On financial issues, please contact the MUVJBL administrator email:

On other sensitive issues,  contact the Director of Pathways and Development or the Basketball Geelong MUVJBL Commissioner

We have included a feedback form below so that if you do not feel comfortable in discussing the matter you have a mechanism by which you can provide feedback to help improve our program

Supercats Feedback Form