MUVJBL Commitment and Behaviour

Geelong Supercats  prides itself on a strong culture fostering positive support and behaviour within the program. The demonstration of these values is part of each athletes and families commitment to our program.

Team Sport is a Commitment!
Basketball is a team sport that requires dedication from every team member. Commitment to your team is essential. Your coaches and team-mates will expect you to be at training sessions, games and compulsory tournaments so don’t let yourself or them down.

 Supercats’s Common athlete and parent, expectations are to

*Represent Geelong Supercats with pride and good sportsmanship.
*Commit to making Geelong Supercats their first priority sport during the season.
*Be available to play in all Friday night games.
*Attend training sessions as required by the Head Coach. Concessions may be made for family and compulsory school commitments.
*Report all injuries to their coach before playing or training.
*Wear the correct Supercats Uniform to training and games.
*Acknowledge that playing time may vary for every player and is at the discretion of the Coach.
*Respect and support their coach and fellow team mates.
*Not comment publicly on coaching decisions or publicly criticise any player or coach.
*Not use social media as a forum to criticise players, coaches or opposition etc.
*Abide by Basketball Victoria’s Code of Conduct.
*Speak directly with your team coach prior to not meeting any of these commitments and expectations.
*Put any grievance in writing to the relevant Geelong Supercats officials

Common Codes of Conduct Expectations

Supercats follow and are guided by Basketball Victoria’s Policies who are committed to providing an enjoyable, safe and welcoming environment, for participants, families and spectators.  Please see links below.