MUVJBL Supercats Coaching Program

The Supercats Coaching Program is driven by our Director of Pathways and Development who evaluate, select and manage the overall coaching program.

The Director of Pathways and Development along with a nominated selection panel of Supercats Senior Coaches is responsible for appointing our Age Group Head Coaches  who have been chosen based on their ability and willingness to impart their experience, and expertise in the game of basketball,
All our coaching staff are committed to provide the best environment for athletes to improve and represent Supercats well.


Director of Pathways and Development:
The Director of Pathways and Development is responsible for leading and managing the coaching program.
They are responsible for appointing Age Group Head Coaches and Development Coaches, which are ratified by the Basketball Geelong Commission.
They are responsible for the technical aspects of coaching and playing basketball with the Geelong Supercats.
They provide coaching assistance and direction further advance coaches development to improve Supercats players.
Hold current Level 2 coaching accreditation.


Age Group Lead Coaches:
The Head Coach’s of each age group are responsible for their own coaching team, and overseeing the player education and development within that group.
Have an understanding of Supercats’s style of play
Have recent experience in Junior Representative development, programs and competitions.


Supercats Head Coaches:
Coaches are responsible for the player development within their own team. They provide a professional and positive learning environment for all athletes. Coaching styles may vary from from coach to coach but all coaches aim for the same result – to improve Supercats’s player skill level.


Assistant Coaches:
Assistant Coaches are nominated by the team coach in consultation with the Head Coach of an age group and ratified by the Director of Pathways and Development. Their role is to support the team coach in player development.